Really Quickly: What's With the "Black" Taylor Swift?

Name: Angel Taylor (Yes...Taylor)
Age: 20-ish
City: Los Angeles
Genre: Pop masquerading as "songwriting"
Chorus: You're playin' it cool, I know what you do
I feel like a fool
but I would be feelin' it anyway
cause nobody loves me
You're messin around, I figured you out
You're takin' me down
but I would be feelin it anyway
cause nobody loves me
like you do
~from "Like You Do"

So again, I ask the question: What's with the "Black" Taylor Swift?  Now, I'll be the first to admit there are some serious pros here: pop singer who's covering herself up, not an annoyingly dumb skank, not an admittedly gifted druggie, nor an icky alcoholic.  If I had girl-children runnin' 'round my home, this is the one I'd want them idolizing.

The cons, however, are quite obvious...beginning with that sample and ending with "Taylor".  Now, mind you...I'm by no means raggin' on Taylor Swift.  She's got unworthy counterparts, she's yet another pop singer who's smart enough to tell the difference between "singing" and "stripping", and she's not a painfully stupid moron whose reason for significance has yet to be legitimately established.

Pause...*catches breath*...continues.

All I'm this what's now "proper"?  And if we want "proper" and "appropriate" is this what we have to listen to in the car when we're hauling our kids?

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