Hissa Hilal, Poetess and Idol

I have seen evil from the eyes of the subversive fatwas in a time when what is lawful is confused with what is not lawful;

When I unveil the truth, a monster appears from his hiding place; barbaric in thinking and action, angry and blind; wearing death as a dress and covering it with a belt*:

He speaks from an official, powerful platform, terrorizing people and preying on everyone seeking peace; the voice of courage ran away and the truth is cornered and silent, when self-interest prevented one from speaking the truth. ~ Hissa Hilal, "The Man Who Sold the World" **

I was first exposed to the wondrous Hissa Hilal (whose face I've yet to see) via news days ago, and have been meaning to do an "Idols" post about her.  I apologize for not doing it sooner, but as y'all know...shit happened.

A Saudi housewife, and mother of four, she's "guaranteed to win Dh1 million", or $270,000, for reading  and reciting her poetry on the Saudi Arabian TV show Million's Poet (now, how come we don't have something this classy so widely televised?).  She has received death threats, but she refuses to back down.

When I went to some open GCC countries, I noticed that western people looked at me suspiciously because I was wearing the niqab, but they would not do the same when they see a Sikh wearing the turban,” she said.

Who is responsible for this suspicious look? Who made it happen? It was this kind of people – extremists – who have given us a bad name. Muslims, instead of being respected, they are a source of fear and suspicion because of these people.

*nods appreciatively*  I hear ya, Ms. Thang.  She's gets my Bad-Ass Mofo Award and my Woman-Says-Fuck-You Award.

I want peace for everyone, Muslims and others. We are all living in a global village, so we cannot live without each other.
*she's referring to suicide bombers here
**this is only a loose translation of her poem

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