Draptoresponsia Case Study #10: Amongst You

As with Darleen Click, I'm going to just drop the usual "patient this, patient that".  I don't think I'm going to stop doing case files, but for now this brings me to my long awaited 10th case...  so I hereby declare Jensen's Theory of White Fears to now be Jensen's Law*.

The young lady who comments on here as "Kymie" sent me this from Facebook (she's also Kymberly, in case you're wondering) and this is to prove a very important point I'm trying to make here with my blog.

1) Racism is a problem, and it is common.  This tendency whites have to say "there will always be idiots" implies that racist whites are an insignificant minority - they are not.  They are not "few".

2) Racist statements about POC out of the mouths of whites are not and never will be funny.  We will not "lighten up" about them.  We don't have to "accept" any racist humor from white people whatsoever.  Yes, we can take a joke, but these are not "jokes".  As one great commenter on here has stated, "This is just an excuse to be racist."

3) Racists who refuse to grow up, learn, and change are cowards.  The preservation of racism by whites, for example, maintains white privilege, or the "magic shield" and "silken cushion".  It is a system which provides whites with extra advantages while deliberate excluding POC, and thereby causes a side effect of sociopathy.  Anyone who insists they should always be given a headstart, and should be immune from consequences resulting from illegal/inappropriate behavior and/or thinking, is a spineless, pathetic weakling who knows nothing about the real world and is too chicken to find out.  They are no different from their predecessors who thought killing, raping, and stealing were perfectly appropriate, normal everyday activities, rather than a nonviolent honest day's work.

Neil Gaiman wrote, “It has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a half-wit, and the emperor remains an emperor.”

What Gaiman neglects to add, however, is that any emperor who can be duped into going naked is not a real emperor, but an imposter, a laughable pretender whose privilege has made his mind weak...like that of a half-wit's.  He is not one who will sit long on his throne.

4) Accepted racism is a mark of great stupidity - not ignorance.  By admitting you are making judgments about people - not only whom do you not know, but whom you've deliberately refused to know - strictly on the basis of skin is a most ridiculous notion.  You've not only betrayed your own stupidity, but you've also commended yourself for it.

Ridiculing those who analyze racism to dismantle it only further exposes your own stupidity.  If you think you can educate yourself about people and still hang on to your racism, you're not only a sick drapto, but an official half-wit as well.

Savor what's left of your privilege while you have it.

And now...from Kymie's Facebook:
Chase: My daughter better not bring any black, mexican, or gays into my house, until I've tidied up and created a welcoming environment.
about an hour ago · Comment · Like
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Chase: Or Jews mind you, not until I've cleaned it up a little, maybe picked up a good bottle of wine, and made damn sure I have everything I need to make them feel right at home.
59 minutes ago

Chris: Embrey clever..... I enjoyed this
55 minutes ago

Baustin: lolz. i almost agreed with u for a sec!
33 minutes ago

Kymberly: @Baustin...excuse me?
20 minutes ago ·

Baustin: yes?
17 minutes ago

Kymberly: What were you almost agreeing with? I'm rather confused.
13 minutes ago ·

Baustin: well if its the fact that u think im racist or prejudice thats far from the fact.
12 minutes ago

Kymberly: Ahahahahahahahahahah! You all ready proved otherwise.
7 minutes ago ·

Baustin: proved what? that im racist or prejudice?
I will not "explain" this one.  But for those of you who come here often, by all means...discuss.
*Up Next...Jensen's Law.


  1. *Shakes head vigorously*

    I had to step away from the conversation right after that. I knew what he was going to come back with. His Facebook links to his Myspace page where he proceeds to hype his "mad flow" rapping skillz, his "serious" love for Lil'Wayne,and his three black friends...*side-eye*

    Can't possibly be racist with those qualifiers right? Amiright?!

    F*$k that noise...

  2. Side note: Would you mind chopping off the last names?

    Thank you!

  3. That guy's a plagiarist. He stole that directly from the Onion and added stuff that wasn't there but it's still almost word-for-word.

  4. I knew that sounded familiar (btw, he's not the focus...just FYI)!!! Can you track down the link to that article?

  5. Sorry to have gone OT. The link: http://www.theonion.com/articles/i-wont-have-my-daughter-bringing-a-black-man-into,17246/

    I don't know why some white folks-- you know, the ones who inevitably "don't have a racist bone" in their bodies or "don't see color" feel the need to get "edgy" about matters of race. There is NEVER a need to go there, and yet they insist on going there.

  6. @ claws,

    Precisely. Many WP "play the race" card. They bring up race first - for God knows what reason - and then get angry when it inevitably backfires because, as you just stated, they shouldn't have gone there to begin with.


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