Contemplating "Paquita"

On the homophobic statements of ranchera singer Paquita la del Barrio:
Now, I admit that I had never heard of this woman. I’ll add that I believe ranchera music – along with polka and Celine Dion’s greatest hits – will be the tunes that blare over Satan’s Army as it materializes for Armageddon.

The Hispanic Fanatic


  1. I wonder how much old people like her can change.
    My father, for example, is racist (he thinks there is no such thing as a pretty black girl, and that's his "oppinion", if you know what I mean) and homophobic (=christian in brazil).
    He has almost no contact with black or gay people, though. I'd have to wait until he finds out about me, so I can see how he changes...
    Wish I had enough courage, but at least I don't live in his house anymore.

  2. But I don't think you should need courage to face your own father about who you really are. He should be the one digging up the sense to realize his homophobic ideas are not more important than his son.


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