Black Women: Support Black-Owned Beauty Supply Companies!

(Thanks, Lipstick Alley!!!)  For additional info, hit up the Black-Owned Beauty Supply Association (BOBSA).
Black Americans handle vast sums of money, but somehow we have been taught to see our-selves as poor people. We are not poor–we just handle money poorly. Out of every dollar we spend, 95 cents is spent outside of our community and only 5 cents of every dollar within our own community….

If, we are in control of our money, we have only ourselves to blame for giving our economic power away. Many of us do not realize how much damage we cause when we choose to spend our money elsewhere. Likewise, we do not realize how economically empowering it can be to spend our money in the community.

Consider that other communities are thriving because they understand this principle. If we continue to choose “lazy economics” instead of “industrious economics” we will succumb to the pressures of the open market. Agressively, capitalizing on economic opportunities and not ALLOWING them to diminish, we improve our communities instantly!”



Adiva Natural Hair & Skin Care Products
Anita Grant
Asha’s…Handmade Natural Products that Nurture
Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay
Bee Mine Products, Inc.
Beauty by Donna Marie
Black Opal Skincare
Caramocal Joy
Carol’s Daughter
Clear Essence Skincare
Created by Nature
Crown Essentials
Curls Darcy’s Botanicals
Devachan Salon & Departure Lounge Spa
Dr. Woods Products
EDEN BodyWorks
Elucence Beauty & Wellness
Hair Rules
Janelle Beauty
Jane Carter Solution
Karen’s Body Beautiful
Kinky Curly
Koils by Nature
Komaza Care
LaVida Given by Nature
Marie Dean Hair & Body Care
Miss Jessie’s
My Honey Child
N-diya All natural skin and hair care products
Naturally Nurturing Beauty
Naturi Beauty Concepts
October Organics
Ohm - Going Ohm
ORGANIC Root Stimulator
Oyin Handmade
Qhemet Biologics
Sam’s Caribbean Online Store (Black Castor Oil)
Shea Butter Cottage
Shima Hair
Sista's Place
Sweet Nature by Eddie
Taiykel Afro Detangler Leave-In Conditioner
Taliah Wajid

Not Black-Owned (Sorry...I know, I used some of these myself)

Aubrey Organics
BeautyZZZ Natural Silk Pillowcase
Chagrin Valley Soaps - Shampoo Bars
Creme of Nature Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo
Curl Junkie
Dabur Hair Care products (Vatika)
Dark & Lovely
Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
Eco Style Super Protein (BLACK)
Hobe Naturals
Home Health Hairever II
JONATHAN product
Kiehl’s Since 1851
Ministry Of Burlesque
Neha Herbal
Ovation Cell Therapy
Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Moisturizing Treatment
Sulu MaxGro™
WEN® by Chaz Dean - Say GoodBye to Your Bad Hair Day

Pictured above, Cameroonian songstress Kaissa Doumbe.


  1. Hi! I'm something of a lurker, but the quote you have posted made me think back to a few articles I read at one point pertaining to the concept of Black Buying Power.

    Here's one of the articles:

    Also, after the crap that's happened in Atlanta with the expulsion of the "undesirables" by the black middle and, primarily, upper class I'm not sure supporting EVERY black business is a good idea. That is not to suggest that we shouldn't support one another, however, because that is far from what I'm saying. But it is always good to remember that, as my great-grandmother said, "All your skin folk ain't your kinfolk."

    1. I love that! All your skin folk ain't your kinfolk! So true

  2. Great blog by the way. :)

  3. Thanks, and I whole-heartedly agree.

    However, that's the next step - weeding out the toxic business owners. This would be the first step.

  4. Ah, I see. So is this a three step program then?

    Step 1: Locate Black Businesses

    Step 2: Weed out toxic business owners

    Step 3: Make sure the remaining business owners reinvest in communities?

  5. I wasn't going to put an exact number of steps, but I'll admit that I like the way you think.

    Come talk me more often, mate.

  6. Well thank you, ma'am, I appreciate it.

    And I most certainly will. Thank you for the invitation.

  7. I use Miss Jessie's products (Her Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo is amazing for natural hair!)Thanks Ankh!

  8. I highly recommend Naptural85 on YouTube. She makes all her own products using over the counter ingredients. Simple, easy, cheap and effective.

  9. Leo Princess3/6/12, 9:18 PM

    There's also Naturalista Cosmetics: . I haven't bought from her yet, but I've read great reviews about her products.

  10. Nice list.
    why are Miss Jessie's and Curl Junkie on different lists? Both owners are mixed race, right?

  11. There is Kusheama which is black owned. I noticed you have crossed out Carols Daughter. Any special reason?


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