Underappreciated Musician of Color #10: Santigold


In my car, on my computer, even on my phone...I cannot stop buying songs by this chica, hear me?  This is my girl!!!
...Can't say it's gonna get me far
Do no good to say what you are
I run the streets and I break up houses
River runs deep and the flame devours it

Me, I'm a Creator
Thrill is to make it up
The rules I break got me a place
Up on the radar
Me, I'm a Taker
Know what the stakes are
Can't roll it back, it's understood
Got to play our cards...

--Santigold, "Creator"
Hell yes, she's a Creator!!!  Love the look, love the lyrics, love the sound.  Love the not-dying-to-be-mainstream 'tude.  Hell, I've just now created my POC-Says-Fuck-You Award and it goes to Miss Thang right hyah.

Born Santi White and formerly known as Santogold, this Philadelphia-educated chica used to sing in a punk band.  In fact, she's found she often has to defend and define her taste in music.  Santigold is highly critical of the music industry and in songs like "Creator", "Shove It" (linked above), and "You'll Find a Way", she...politely expresses that criticism.

Like MIA (with whom she's toured and is offered compared), Santigold tends to team up with the likes of Switch and Diplo for that digital island funk, reggae, ska, and punk-pop sound.  And while she has a devoted following on the net, you're more likely to hear her music sexily remixed and placed in a car commercial than on a popular station rotation.  Which is cool...she's too good for the folks at MTV anyhow.

'Cause she's my girl!!!!


  1. I think you're awesome for a number of reasons*, and pushing Santogold is TOTALLY ONE OF THEM. I admit I haven't heard any of her non-Stiffed stuff (although I swear I'll rectify that shortly), but I *love* Stiffed. I have such hearts for Burned Again and A Day With Andrew. I like most of the other Stiffed songs too, but those two are my hands-down favorites. I'm bummed that they only made two albums. :(

    * Yeah, if you ever need an ego boost, feel free to ask about my writer crush. ;)

  2. LOL - you are too sweet!!!

    She's my girl. She's weird as hell and I just LOVE it.

    But...you already get that. *wink*


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