Underappreciated Actress of Color #24: Ryan Michelle Bathe

What bugs me the most about Miss Thang here is that she turns 34 this summer and I bet none of you really know who she is or why her undeniably beautiful face hasn't graced more TVs, film screens, and magazines.

I was horrified when I first saw her because I thought she was a replacement for Kerry Washington's character (Chelina Hall) on Boston Legal.  But then I realized she was an all new character and was excited for the next fifteen episodes...until her character Sara Holt disappeared without explanation and bummed the life out of me.  In the meantime, I don't watch Trauma, but so far, her character Sela Boone's only been in seven episodes.  

Miss Bathe (I love her last name!) has since done a lot of TV spots we've missed and movies I've honestly never heard of but will have to start digging up.  She is too beautiful, too elegant, too graceful an actress and to be honest, I am just too annoyed we haven't had more of her.

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