Underappreciated Actress of Color #23: Ginny Holder

Behold...yet another dark English dame.

Britain knows where it's at.  No wonder the country is kicking America's ass in, say, oh I dunno...choosing some bad-ass bitches who can actually sing producing superior musicians, perhaps?

But I digress.  I first saw Ginny Holder my freshman year of college.  I caught the last half or so of a TV showing of Wing Commander (shudder-worthy, by the way), and my eyebrows flew up when I saw her locking lips with a certain SLC Punk alumnus hottius.  I didn't catch her name at the time...but it's probably safe to say I haven't seen her in anything Stateside since.

She's been on a TV show in Britain, and since their money is worth more than ours and they don't balk as much about putting dark-skinned folk in the limelight, I say cheers.  An accomplished stage, film, and TV actress, I think she's done okay-ish for herself (she's been acting since 1994) but I'm kinda lost as to why Hollywood hasn't been blowing up her cell.  Did she look too "African" in Wing Commander (see left)?  Is that why out of that creme de la creme of mediocre casts, they chose her to off at the end of the film?

*shakes head*

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