Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #9: Eddie Spears

Children...here's a noise to consider: Mmmmmmmm.

27-year-old Eddie here is a member of the Burnt Thighs Nation, a sub-tribe of the Sioux Lakota.  He has been acting since he was 10 and has only played historical Native American characters so far.  Which is why his IMDB list of works can be read in a single glance (very upsetting, by the way).

Eddie's looks and acting instantly render viewers speechless.  Dude here gives friggin' Nathaniel Arcand (who's actually in Black Cloud with him) a run for his money and yet--I'm guessing--Hollywood's memo got lost in the mail.

*cue eye roll*

I just can't stop looking at him.  Can you blame me?  I don't blame you.  I just don't understand how the greasy, skeezy, and boring faces of male Young Hollywood are rolling in dough, buzz, and one upcoming project after the other while Main Man right here turns only 28 this fall and in 18 years of acting, he has 10 projects to show for it - WTF?  Who's genius idea was that?

Like...who worked with him in the last 10 years and didn't send pictures and rehearsal footage to every connection they had in Hollywood and the indie world?  Why didn't his career explode after Black Cloud (granted, it's cliched as hell, and bears a whiff of white guilt fantasy with just a dash of ig'nant-ass Negroes.  But...it starred a Native American who speaks English fluently and intelligently in modern-day America*)

Do I even need to utter the verdict on Hollywood in this matter?
*shakes head*


  1. Yeah It's a shame. Evey movie I see he only has a minor role or a stereotypical role. In the Slaughter Rule-this football movie he was in a hot headed highschool football player who'd like his liquor. I find Eddie Spears very attractive and a number of other Native American actors aswell. It's a shame the only roles they cast Native Americans are roles are in Westerns.

  2. A damn shame. Lawd, how fine is he?

    He belongs on the cover of magazines, shirtless and soaking wet.

  3. He and his brother Michael are gorgeous.


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