Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #8: Pej Vahdat

While watching FOX's Bones (about which I'll be having a little chat with y'all later), I noticed Mr. Thang here and fell for him instantly.

Portraying the brilliant scientist and devout Muslim Dr. Arastoo Vaziri, Pej won my heart within a single episode and in less than a minute.  His intelligence, religious devotion, compassion and intense sense of morality is beyond sexy for me.  Born Pejman Vahdat, he's six feet tall and obviously delectable...but FOX apparently can't decide whether he's playing a Persian or an Arab.

He's a versatile, watchable, and overall engaging actor of considerable talent and skill, and he's been in the game six years.  So I will forgive this not too long list of TV spots and film appearances.  And as my respect for Bones steadily plummets, I forgive his not being made a regular cast member, as I think His Royal Hotness here has much more important shit to do with his career.


  1. I remember him on Bones. Gorgeous and talented actor. I hope to see more of him. :)

  2. I liked him too and hated he didn't make the cut. Of course, considering who his boss would have been, he wouldn't have wanted to stay there anyway.


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