Pay No Attention to the Slurs in FRONT of the Curtain....

...'cause we usually keep that shit on the inside.

Seriously?  Seriously?  Protesters go spitting and hurling racial slurs and surprise, surprise, we're told not to pay attention.  It's an "isolated incident".  It doesn't "mean" anything.

Yeah...and we've never heard that one before.  As blogger Field Negro writes:
Poor James Clayburn, I saw my man on CNN this evening and he still looked scared. He told Wolf Blitzer that he was having flashbacks to those civil rights days. He said that he looked in the eyes of the tea baggers and saw the same hatred he saw back then. Yeah, that kind of hate just doesn't happen overnight with the passing of a bill, Jim. No sir, that hate has been there all along. It's just been hiding under the surface and waiting to come out.
Well said, Field.

In the meantime, I'm having flashbacks of my own.  Flashbacks to teary, screamy temper tantrums in 2008--you all remember 2008, don't you?  Remember all the "isolated incidents and comments" back then?  All that racist bullshit that wasn't "really racist" and so we weren't supposed to really talk about it or even show it on TV in-depth?  You recall that "tiny, insignificant minority" of white folks we were supposed to simply laugh at and pretend didn't really exist?  Did you really think those people just vanished off the face of the earth?

And white people, I'm know...I'm...*shakes head*...I'm actually quite proud of some of you.

If I go to Google right now and type in "tea party racist", I will see a lot of white folks calling the Tea Party out.  And they're not talking that "politically incorrect" or "highly inappropriate" shit--they're calling it racist and not trying to excuse or defend it in any way.  And kids, that's how you deal with racism.  You call it out; you name it accurately and you expose it.  You denounce it unequivocally and then you fight back.  These are not children, folks; ignoring their bad behavior won't make it go away.

So from hereon out, white folks, I don't want to hear any more, "Well, yeah...but you have to understand..." nonsense.  Those are not fighting words.  Those are roll-over-and-surrender words.  So are "isolated incidents".  And "we're not all like that"--we're not talking about all of you.  We're talking about your racists, and we're talking about all of them.  So if you're thinking strictly KKK, Stormfront, and Neo-Nazis, you need to quit bullshittin' and start accepting the unpleasant reality of things.

The Tea Party has revealed one of the ugliest faces of Average White America for all the world to see.  It has confirmed the often derailed testaments of POC about racism in America.  It has confirmed every acrimonious observation from other nations about the so-called "Ugly American".  It has aired Average White America's dirty laundry, flung wide its closet doors and unleashed all its skeletons.  Even more amusing, it has outed the GOP like never before, whose frantic attempt to escape from this drama will be most entertaining to watch.

And Sarah Palin...gotta love her.

There she is, America, your "real" American.  Your all-American, surburbian chic, "folksy" soccer mom.  She has the face of a runner-up beauty contestant, the brains of a Stepford Wife, and the charisma of a D-List celebrity.  Palin's a "good girl" from a "good family" and women like her are "just what the country needs".  Well, now the country's got her--plus an army--so the country needs to just finally come out and admit it has a serious problem.

Now, you can keep playing the denial game while the chaos unfolds right in front of you.  You can keep telling yourself Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity don't have any real influence and are just a form of entertainment.  You can say people just flock to Palin's side simply because she's fine (and that woman is fine).  You can call Tea Party members "dumb hicks" and "ignorant rednecks" and play the "that's them, not us" game.  You can try to play the "post-racial" card, the "it's-the-GOP" card, the "un-American" card, the "inappropriate" card, the White Sociopathic Alter-Ego card, and pretty much any other card you want and it won't mean or change a goddamn thing.

They're not backing down.  Ball's in your court.


  1. I hardly know what to say. I think I'd drop dead if the mainstream news networks really, REALLY, talked about this and not just as a news of the day, and NOT with a panel of jackasses who'd pull shit like "it's just political," or "they're a minority."

    This is why I don't even want to hear about the downside to the health bill from people who never even supported the thing. The GOP/Tea partiers/ etc. never cared about how this was going to affect the economy or anything rational like that. They just wanted it to fail so that they could use it against the Democrats in the next elections. I can't even be bothered to NOT lump ALL the Republicans undo one messed up umbrella because when all of this shit was going down, and while all of this shit IS going down, not a one stepped up or gathered their fellow sane Republicans to not just denounce but discredit these people.

  2. And this is how the GOP will royally fuck itself...and never take responsibility.

  3. Excellent post. Thank tou. I especially liked this:

    "ignoring their bad behavior won't make it go away"

    Which gives the lie to the idea that if we say nothing about racism it will go away.


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