Dear Orci & Kurtzmann

Dear Orci & Kurtzmann,

Please, please, not fuck up the sequel.

Seriously, dudes.  I'm reading some mighty scary talk on the net, kids.  People are dropping creepy terms like "love triangle" and "break-up."

Mm-mm. *shakes head* I'm not trying to hear any of that nonsense.  See guys, you've already earned the Ankhesen Mié Bad-Ass Mofo Award (a highly coveted accolade, mind you).  Now, you two earned this award when you called bullshit on America in a few very important ways.

1) You showed that the "hot", "desirable" girl can very easily be the smart, disciplined, and accomplished black girl (take that, Dr. Who).  Now, that may not have endeared you to some, but as you have diplomatically stated repeatedly, they can go to hell.  No, seriously...they can all just go to hell.  Your depiction of Uhura--god-awful hair choice notwithstanding--endeared you to Moi and many other sane womenfolk, white and non-white and we're the only ones who matter anyway.

2) You said, "Fuck you" to the idea that the brash, rule-breaking, philandering hero always gets the girl.  In the civilized world, a girl (as described above) goes "nerd" every time--ain't no two ways about it.  Girls like Moi like that aren't remotely interested in so-called Alpha males; we have no time to delude ourselves into thinking we can tame/train/house-break some dogly "bad boy."  We've got waaaaaay too much self-esteem for that bullshit.

When Hollywood portrays women like Moi like that wasting time on a guy like Kirk, that's its "mantasy" talking.  (And for all you men rolling your eyes, allow me to kindly remind you that guys like you don't date women with self-esteem.  And it's not because you don't notice them and ask them out; it's because when you do, they immediately reject you.)

Moving on now....

3) Now, Orci & Kurtzman, the main reason you get your award is that you proved one can make a movie combining concepts #1 & #2, and it will be ridiculously successful and critically acclaimed.  Hollywood says if a black woman is the desirable love interest, no one will watch it?  You called bullshit.  Hollywood says a black woman can't be accomplished and free of stereotypical dysfunction?  You called bullshit.  Hollywood says the annoying, cocky white guy who treats girls like dirt always has to win a woman whom we all know he doesn't deserve and wouldn't know what to do with?  You called bullshit.

So for the sequel...continue to call bullshit.



  1. You're completely right. I'm so tired of the "heroic" and "treat women like dolls" guy to always get the girl in the end that I was surprised, in a good way, when Kirk didn't end up with Uhura in the movie. I hope he doesn't at all. As I've seen in "The Hurt Locker", if that kind of guy thinks the purpose in his life is to do dumb things to show everybody that he's a selfless hero that saves everybody without asking anybody's opinion, thinking he has the "best ideas" about every issue, he can be alone and do whatever he wants to do by himself, because not everybody can put up with that kind of crap.

  2. Oh, Lord. I haven't heard of these rumors. I'm just going to hold on to the interviews the makers of the movie did when talks of a sequel first came out. They said weren't going to mess with Spock/Uhura. They don't need a third party or a break up! It's possible to have problems within a relationship if that's what they want. *Crosses fingers.*

  3. This seriously made me have stomach cramps. Your post reminds me of a recent discussion on Racialicious about a comic strip dealing with a black/white interracial relationship. Both posts/discussions are very thoughtful. I truly hope that they don't succumb to the bs that arose because of the Spock/Uhura coupling. It would be a real defeat and send terrible messages. (Interracial (even though it's truly an inter-specie coupling...)are not meant to last...)

    And seriously...Kirk? He's got unhealthy relationship written all over him. Can we also please start depicting healthy balanced relationships in Hollywood? Not this hyper masculine man, hyper feminine "I stand two steps behind my man so as not to emasculate him" woman. Sheesh.

  4. I'm just sayin' y'all...*shakes head* miiiiighty scary talk on the net about these three. If O & K fuck it up, I'm boycotting Trek.

  5. Well... what's the source of the rumors? Is it just speculation or is it something more concrete? Orci and Kurtzman have been pretty open about their feelings around S/U and although I doubt they'd be leaking anything at this point (ZQ recently said the script wouldn't even be done until the end of 2010) I'd find any rumors to be pretty dubious unless they came from a writer.

    Also, I kind of find it difficult to believe that they would break them up. After all, Uhura and Spock are both main characters. It's not like Uhura or Spock are red shirts that can be moved off screen or killed out of convenience. Even in the film their relationship was subtle in comparison to the OMG THEY HAVE TO BE FRIENDS angle of Spock and Kirk. I'd imagine breaking them up would simply drag the focus away from the adventure aspect which is what big summer blockbusters are all about imo.

  6. The first movie was fairly predictable and formulaic in a thousand ways.

    Love triangle, break-up, etc. - also formulaic. Writers today are highly predictable; we don't need a leaked script or spoilers accidentally dropped for us to figure out within the first 10-15 minutes of a movie that something very tacky's going to happen.

  7. You're so right. The main reason why I saw Star Trek seven times in the theater was Spock/Uhura. I hope they don't pull a break up or love triangle for several reasons. One, it would make me incredibly sad and dampen my love for nuTrek. Two, it would completely do what the first movie rightly refrained from doing, make the Spock-Uhura relationship and romance the center of the film. Yes, there was the infamous transporter scene make out (which I loved for its screw-Kirk vibe) the movie as a whole portrayed their relationship pretty subtly. While the relationship kept me coming back, the relationship alone wouldn't have won me over to the film. Why can't their relationship remain in tact and remain mostly in the background? I like the idea of Spock/Uhura as just this given constant and as a source of strength and solace for both Uhura and Spock. I mean, the destroyed Spock's planet and killed his mother in the span of a few minutes, I don't know what sort of catastrophe they have cooked up for the sequel. Also, I think that the writers would be taking the easy way out by sacrificing the Spock/Uhura relationship in order to forge a Spock-Kirk friendship or to insert extra tension and drama into that infant friendship. People can form solid friendships with others while being in a committed romantic relationship and they can also have trials and tribulations in the course of those friendships without having one of those friends digging on the other guy's girl.

    Hopefully these rumors are just that, rumors. The writers, JJ and the actors seemed very behind the Spock-Uhura relationship in the commentaries and press on the film. It even got the blessing of Nichelle Nichols and Lenard Nimoy. When the writers, actors, director and the actors who started it all ship Spock/Uhura, I think the rumors of their demise are false.

  8. We don't need a leaked script or spoilers accidentally dropped for us to figure out within the first 10-15 minutes of a movie that something very tacky's going to happen

    Well that's my point though-- we don't have 15 minutes. We don't even have a script. I just have a hard time giving credence to rumors about something that hasn't even been written. Unless the internets have somehow developed a method of getting into the brains of a writer or someone hacked into the initial writing notes, I have a hard time getting worked up.

  9. @ Akili,

    I'm going to humor you this one final time (the implicit 'tude is unnecessary on a notably humorous blog), but my point is this: O&K tend to stay in contact with fans, listening to likes and dislikes and paying attention to the focus of fans' interest. Saldana herself admits to reading ST 2009 fanfiction to see what impression she's making, and again, to ascertain the focus of fans' interest.

    The script is in the scribbling phase, in others words, a very delicate and easily influenced phase. All we're saying on here is 1) what we don't like about what happens to love stories in Hollywood, and 2) "Hey, O&K, don't fuck up the sequel."

    So let's try this one more time: We're not "worked up" nor are we encouraging anyone else to get "worked up". We're just talking about our likes and dislikes, in ST and in Hollywood in general.

    Is that clear?

  10. We simply need to let said folks know about comms like Spock_Uhura (in spite of its mods and maintainers), and other comms like deadbro, foc_u and startrek_idic who support the pairing.


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