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Consider this a Q & A Session for Draptoresponsia, or "running away from responsibility".

1) Ankhesen, why do you insist on using this word?

White Whine consumers bitch that they're tired of hearing about racism.  In their selfish, privileged little minds, it doesn't occur to them--you know, the way almost everything doesn't occur them?--that POC are also tired of talking about racism.  In fact, we're so tired of talking about it we're almost as tired of it as we are of actually experiencing it.

*shrug* Wordplay just keeps me young, I guess.

2) Ankhesen, do you really think "draptos" are mentally ill?

No, partially because not all draptos are the same.  Some are more arrogant than others.  Some are much dumber than others.  Some are young and naive, while others are older and more impotent.  Some are more sexist than others.  And some wet themselves upon reading of Jensen's Theory of White Fears, while others immediately start mouthing off just to keep from wetting themselves/crying like children.

Another reason is that we don't want people falling back on the old "I can't help that I act this way; I'm sick" routine.

3) Ankhesen, if you were to compare draptoresponsia to a real-life mental illness, which comes closest?

At its worst, I would have to say sociopathy.

It's very important that I bring this up.  In the film Dogma, Loki, a fallen Angel of Vengeance, slays several white board members who've committed abominable acts.  His reasoning?  Well, I could paraphrase but he says it best:
Do you know what makes a human being decent? Fear. And therein lies the problem. None of you has anything left to fear anymore. You rest comfortably in seats of inscrutable power, hiding behind your false idol, far from judgement, lives shrouded in secrecy, even from each other.
In other words, their privilege set them apart from being human, because it turned off the most crucial and defining quality of humanity: conscience.

4) Ankhesen, why would you unleash something like this on white people?

I didn't unleash this on white people.  I unleashed on white people who think and behave in a certain way.

5) Ankhesen, can POC be draptos then?

Abagond posits that they can.  Self-loathing would have to be attached to their diagnoses, however.

6) Ankhesen, what's with you and Robert Jensen's article on white fears?

The good professor wrote one of the rawest, most honest, most effective articles on white fears--it is the very opposite of draptoresponsia.  If anything, it's faciaresponsic (from the Latin facies, meaning "face").  Any white person who seeks to self-examine would do well to use his article as a starting point.

7) Ankhesen, what treatment do you "prescribe" for draptoresponsic individuals?

*shrug* Depends on the drapto.  If their stage is too far gone, I recommend ostracism.

8) Million dollar question, Ankhesen, why do you keep bringing up history in regards to draptoresponsia?

Tim Wise says it best.  As he points out, "It isn't about guilt, it's about responsibility."  It's about inheritance.  If you're the new CEO at a company, and the CFO briefs you on the business's profits, assets, loss, and incoming revenue, you can't just blow off the debt while enjoying the profits, assets, and revenue stream.

Modern White Americans distance themselves from their history for a reason.  They know it's fucked up.  They know they're benefitting from their ancestors' fucked-uppery.  Every time they take a breath of air in a country that's not theirs, they know.  They are fleeing a responsibility they've had since before they were born.  Just as POC have an anger and a pain we've had since before we were born.

Those who choose to do nothing to remedy the situation (who choose not even acknowledge the situation) are draptoresponsic--period.  Make no mistake, they love their privilege.  Privilege is their magic shield.  Privilege is their silken cushion.  The moment they feel a crack in that shield, or a thread come loose from that cushion, they have a heart attack.

And this is precisely what people like Jensen, McIntosh, and Wise warn their fellow whites about, this "weakening" side effect of white privilege which keeps them from functioning--again--like normal human beings.  Their world has been made so convenient for them, they fear their own inability function should they lose that comfort.  Indeed, cynical whites and POC doubt most whites could function in a "post-racial" world.

Thanks for stopping by, Ankhesen.

*yawn* It's been swell.

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