Draptoresponsia Case Studies #5-7: Deflecting Fragility

Patients #0005, #0006, and #0007

Clinician observed walk-in patients in the lobby of Stuff Black People Don't Like where the OP (a drapto in human clothing) discussed the racist PA announcement case at a Wal-Mart.  As the OP writes, a person accessed the store's PA and asked all the black people in the store to leave.

Clinician noted that numerous draptoresponsics were drawn to the post.  Patient #0005 states:
A man has been arrested and taken into custody for MAKING A PA ANNOUNCEMENT that blacks didn't like.

The tree of liberty is starting to need refreshment.
The patient presents draptoresponsic symptoms of arrogant racism.  He casually disregards that POC have been harassed, subtly and overtly, since the founding of modern America.  To him, victims of racist harassment should simply tolerate it in whatever form it comes.  Indeed, for POC to not tolerate it is an infringement upon whites' freedom of speech [if the situation was reversed over the last 450 years, would the patient respond in the same manner?]

Patient #0006, in turn, adds:
It was a 16 year old child that commited this crime against humanity. Now the nanny state concerns itself with blacks "Mom he called me a name". Are blacks really that mentally fragile. Or is this just another - let's shake down whitey. I see a long history of diversity training for this boy.
Patient #0006 displays draptoresponsic symptoms of unawareness and petulance ("Are blacks really that mentally fragile").  He does not stop to question white fragility in their inability to simply leave POC alone; he does not ask why this 16-year-old's parents didn't raise him to mind his own business and be a useful, productive member of society [on what day & what time did the PA event occur?  Should the 16-yr-old have been in school?] rather than a racist, self-indulgent, immature prankster.

As it is with the usual treatment of white dysfunction, the patient seeks to simply "dismiss" the racist actions of a white child rather than examine his environment more closely [perhaps he fears what he may find?  Refer to Jensen's Theory of White Fears].  Patient even hints sympathy/defense for the perpetrator ("I see a long history of diversity training for this boy.")

The OP had previously mentioned a boycott against Wal-Mart by POC, to which Patient #0007 quips:
If they did boycot the Walmart, I wonder if anyone noticed the theft went down
Patient #0007, in his attempt to appear witty and intelligent, simply displays draptoresponsic symptoms of ignorance and arrogance by invoking a stereotype.  As with the preceeding patient, he ignores the confirmed racist actions of the perpetrator to hurl a racist insult at an entire group.  In his mind, the 16-year-old is not to blame for his deliberate actions; indeed, his behavior is not even up for analysis.  The 16-year-old enacted verbal aggression towards POC; however, POC in general should still endure additional additional insult for the 16-year-old's actions.

Suggested Treatment for Patients #0005, #0006, and #0007?

Rigorous interrogation.

*Clinician's Note: Three more documented case studies of draptoresponsia and Jensen's Theory of White Fears becomes Jensen's Law.


  1. Hey there,
    this is "the other Julia" from SWPD. I am glad to have found your blog, and am enjoying the wise clinician's dismantling of draptoresponsia.

    I wanted to ask, though, what do you think the deal is with "Stuff Black People Don't Like"? I fear it is racist, hipster satire with a WP secretly at the helm. Or am I being paranoid?

  2. @ Julia

    You're not being paranoid (unless I am paranoid too)...I too smell WP-flavored satire, so I don't pay too much attention to it. However...the issue with the PA incident at Wal-Mart and its commentary was obvious drapto bait.

  3. Stuff Black People Don't Like is ran by a racist white male who believes he has the authority to say how ALL black ppl are just because he can read a 'statistic'. Just read his newer posts and you will see what i mean. I spent a couple of hours reading his pathetic excuse for writing and was thoroughly sickened. And the commenters there just eat up everything he says; he is their 'window' into the 'black community' which is to say, not the real black community.

  4. @ Jessica,

    Indeed; 'tis precisely why it makes good case study material.

  5. Stuff Black People Don't Like doesn't tell me shit about Black people, but everything I need to know about whites.

  6. Ironic how that works, huh?


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