Draptoresponsia Case Study #4: The "Appropriation" Complex

*Warning* Post contains highly offensive imagery

Patient ID #0004

Patient #0004 had to be observed from behind a bulletproof glass window while armed guards patrolled the floor.  Angered by the fact that the Ancient Kemites were black, the patient was presenting draptoresponsic symptoms of arrogrance by rewriting history:
"Proof the Ancient Egyptians were Black"

The patient's typical draptoresponsic symptom of ignorance is crucial to the maintenance of his privilege.  It also affirms the very first tenet of Jensen's Theory of White Fears.  Patient is clearly unaware that not only were the Ancient Kemites black, but that they're still here and are enraged at their marginalization in media and academia:
About a year ago, one of my uncles wrote to me from Egypt, quite bitterly.  He said: People are so busy discussing and fighting over whether or not the ancient Egyptians were "black" ---that they forgot we're still here.

We still exist. The Arabs who claim to be Egyptians have not exterminated ALL of us yet.

The true Egyptians--the Black Egyptians do still exist, and instead of debating about the "ancient" people....why do we never force the WHITE MEDIA to show
images of the black ones?

Why is it that in America--only the WHITE ARAB INVADER groups, the BEJA and the Noor are ever shown on television or in magazines?

Why do they insist on painting EGYPT as a WHITE nation with no connection to Africa?

Clearly..these photos of EGYPTIAN Black people---photos that are NOW TODAY---demonstrate that Egypt is/was not a White nation. There are millions of BLACK EGYPTIANS who still exist.
The patient is more likely to ignore this testimony; in his own country, the original inhabitants were almost completely eradicated and now are consistently ignored.  Their languages, histories, and cultures are not made a mandatory part of public education.  Christopher Columbus Day and Thanksgiving continue to be celebrated every year.  Public TV stations do not block off time to broadcast the Native American Music Awards; indeed, Native Americans are noticeably absent from American mainstream media even though this is their land, and while the descendants of those who forcibly took it prosper (often claiming "Indian heritage") , Native Americans themselves struggle.

As one as bitterly stated on my Facebook page:
More than anything else, more than hatred, racism, whatever, its the "pretend native americans don't exist anymore" thing that pisses me off.
Indeed...it is despicable and beyond dehumanizing.  The appropriation of a people's land and heritage--followed by systemically pretending the people themselves are conveniently nonexistent--is draptoresponsia in the extreme.

Suggested Treatment for Patient #0004?


*Clinician's Note: Six more documented case studies of draptoresponsia and Jensen's Theory of White Fears becomes Jensen's Law.

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  1. Hi.
    I am French and blond and blue eyed. I began discovering what racism was as a late teenager when I gradually realized that Egypt was treated in a particular way in my country's media, tourism agencies and children's books, for instance.
    I began to wonder why Egypt was supposed to not be located in Africa (when it obviously was) but in the middle east, why Ancient Egyptians were supposed not to be Africans, when they obviously were, and why everything Egyptian was supposed to be a mystery, when it obviously wasn't (unless the whole thing about "science" was a scam).
    So that's how I leant what racism is. So, you see, sometimes positive things came out of negative ones.
    Now I am even changing careers to focus totally on the idea of race and white supremacy and try and change things.
    For instance, I want my country's museums to return all the artefacts our ancestors stole. I want my country to reimburse Haiti's ransom. I want to let the so-called overseas territories determine their own future and not be colonies anymore. (I feel isolated sometimes, but I'm okay with being isolated in a crazy society).


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