Draptoresponsia Case Study #3: Irony of the Unaware

Patient ID #0003

Clinician met a walk-in on Abagond (a blog with an alarmingly high concentration of draptoresponsic activity).  The patient appeared to have trouble with people studying/using the term "draptoresponsia":
"The ironic thing about this is that accusing people you disagree with of mental illness is aggressive and petulant, not to mention generally delusional and a great example of avoidance behavior."
Patient presents symptoms of overconfident ignorance with his misuse of clinical terminology (applying "aggressive and petulant", "generally delusional" and "avoidance behavior" to someone who's pointing out and confronting a problem).

Patient appears to have consumed an inordinate amount of White Whine before attending his session ("accusing people you disagree with of mental illness").  He deliberately ignores the sarcastic origin of the term under discussion in an effort to derail and cloud the primary issue of the blog: Many whites refuse to recognize the moral disorders of society. To do so would threaten their privilege whose benefits they obviously enjoy, but whose existence they adamantly deny.

To recognize the moral disorders of society and acknowledge their privilege would 1) force them to face the fact that they have not been fully "tested" by the world, as their privilege has acted as a magical shield their whole lives, and 2) force them to face the bloody roots of their privilege, while simultaneously facing their inevitable status as an eventual minority.  These tenets are the cornerstones of Jensen's Theory of White Fears.

These are also the primary issues of practically every blog which seeks to expose & dismantle privilege, and yet the patient completely skips over them in a classic draptoresponsic delay tactic. The patient either refuses or is unable to contribute productively and/or intelligently to the discussion of these issues, so he attempts to shut the entire discussion down.

Suggested Treatment for Patient #0003?

Awareness.  The patient's previous clinical consultant sent this note along with his records: "I am surprised [Patient #0003] did not get the irony of his own statement"; i.e., the patient does not believe an arguer should accuse his opponents as being "mentally ill", and yet while trying to argue his point patient declares his opponents "aggressive, petulant, delusional" and demonstrative of "avoidance behavior."

*Clinician's Note: Seven more documented case studies of draptoresponsia and Jensen's Theory of White Fears becomes Jensen's Law.

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