Ankhesen Mié on "The Paul Goebel Show"

And the Ankhesen Mié Bad-Ass Mofo Award goes to the fabulous Mr. Paul Goebel who, on his show, mentioned my quiz on Star Trek (2009) fans and their possible latent racist issues with the pairing of Spock and Uhura.

Paul Goebel, of The Paul Goebel Show, spoke about my quiz in Episode #179 (on 2/7/10, I believe) and bless his heart, LOL...because he took it from my LiveJournal, which has no pictures of Moi, he didn't realize I'm a woman.  Check out my Press page for all the links.'s not just his mentioning of the quiz that earns him my award, but the specific question he chose to discuss.  The answer after the question comes from a follow-up discussion which, I couldn't help but notice, most quiz-takers avoided like the plague.
Question #10: Do you think Uhura forced herself onto Spock in the turbolift?

If you think Zachary Quinto was “violated” by the film, but have no concern for Zoe Saldana, you have a serious problem

  **update** People are still wondering why thinking Zoe violated Zach is a sign of a serious problem.  Let's go over this again.

1) They're playing a couple.  Physical affection is the norm for them as a couple.  The director's commentary and various interviews (along with those of the writers and cast members) confirms this.

2) Both actors are bound by contract.  Both are following a script along with the same director.  Their touching is purely consensual and it is 
very obvious that Spock reciprocates.

3) If a fan must insist violation was committed by the directors and writers, then they must also feel equal sympathy for 
both actors - not just the white one.

4) The fact that after all this, people still insist Uhura "forced herself" onto Spock, invokes the "
dangerous Negro violating the helpless white" stereotype.  The reason this is 
beyond alarming and offensive is that it's very old racism; slavery-era mentality to be exact.  You remember slavery-era mentality, right?  You's the one people of color aren't supposed to bring up because it's supposedly dead and gone and nobody thinks that way anymore...right?  You remember...the one we people of color aren't supposed to worry about or mention because it no longer exists?

How messed up is it then, that in 
2009, an interracial kiss in a Star Trek film--of all films--brought that particular mentality back with a vengeance?

Are we still suppose to ignore it now?  Are we still supposed to say it no longer exists and that it's not an issue anymore?
This is a particularly hot topic because black people are getting tired of the "aggressive" stereotype.  This manufactured, religiously maintained notion is beyond offensive.  And though a white person may come to realize the error of their ways, there's a very good chance they've permanently lost a shot at a good friendship or even a romance with a person of color.  Because just as impressions of us last with you, impressions of you last with us.

Goebel ascribed this stereotyping to White America's treatment of Obama, and how whites have been overly critical and focused on all the irrelevant things concerning him.  It is one thing to criticize a policy.  It is one thing to disagree with a tax increase or a statistical report made in a speech.  It is another thing to go after the man.  It is another to go after his wife, an educated and accomplished woman who has behaved appropriately since day one.  The criticism of her dissertation, in which she discussed her personal experiences of discrimination, is yet another example of draptoresponsia.  Only white people get offended when a POC talks about experiencing racism at the hands of whites.  News flash, White America: people of color have negative experiences with you, currently in addition to historically.  It's cold hard reality.  And if you feel bad about hearing it, do try and pause to remember that we feel even worse experiencing it.

So the Bad-Ass Mofo Award goes to the "King of TV" for pointing out racist hypocrisy to fellow whites.


  1. Right on! I am one of those 'fellow white' listeners to the PGS and I appreciate both your comments on this topic. So tired of ignorant bs.

  2. Oh yes, doth becometh exhausting.


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