The Ankhesen Mié Lexicon

It's occurred to me recently that I tend to speak my own language-ish on this blog, so I'll be a good person and define some of what I say in case you're new and confused.  And yes, I will update this page as I go along.

Ecirb & Rankin Syndrome

This refers to the white tendency to join a POC social cause in hopes of earning the respect of POC (so they can speak as "equals" on topics they couldn't otherwise--and still can't no matter what) and/or in hopes of earning POC love and unconditional acceptance.

The first part of the name comes from an SWPD guest post in which an author asks POC to be more accepting of guys like his white friend whom he refers to as "Ecirb".  "Ecirb", as you can read for yourself, attends ethnic studies classes and apparently expects some sort of cookie for trying to understand other people.  Even worse, he expects to be listened to in these classes, while he himself is still admittedly at the learning stage.  Uh...privilege much?

The second part of the name comes from the infamous article by Beth "I am not a White Bitch" Rankin, in which she demands a black student group open its arms to her so she can be allowed to "feel the same love".  She also demands that the group state its agenda to her, in hopes that said agenda conforms what she thinks the agenda should be.  She has, after all, supported "the plight of all minorities" and has shared her life "with a man who is not white", and is "a woman" quite naturally, she knows all about being a member of a group that's been marginalized for centuries.

People with Ecirb & Rankin Syndrome are often fans/creators of "white guilt fantasy" films...just FYI.

First Amendment Violation

Contrary to popular belief, the First Amendment doesn't guarantee you the right to be a shithead to thy neighbor.  Anyone who believes this is an immature twit and they need to grow up.  Voltaire, for example, wasn't willing to die for someone else's right to be an inferiority complex-ridden asshole.  Is your government corrupt?  Are the citizens' rights being maligned?  No?  That's not your complaint?  Wait, wait, mean you're one of the privileged?

Then shut the fuck up.

Pink White Privilege Elephant

This overfed fuck tends to pop up in my blogs about the news or social issues.  It always raises its bloated head when I'm comparing POC to white folks in some way.  It never has anything positive to say I so usually tell it to shut up before it can clear its grimy throat.  The PWPE initially bribed its way into a ninjitsu academy so it could learn to walk invisibly amongst us.  But then a no-nonsense sensei outed the fucker, and sensei after sensei ever since has kept it from ever going unnoticed again.

Sick Heil Blogger

For those of you who've traversed the blogosphere and its innumerable realms, you probably already know that sick heil is borrowed.  I coined the term "sick heil blogger" when I was inspired by the linked post, and by a statement I read in a New York Post critique of a film that ass-raped Greek history, in which the critic mentions,"...Adolf's boys...heil-fiving each other throughout and then lining up to see it again."

A sick heil blogger is a bastard hate-child of an idiot racist and an arrogant racist.  They don't know real history, don't know real science, are incapable of seeing alternate perceptions, and so  simply cannot handle the cold hard truth when it's presented to them.  They don't know what's going on in the world and yet they violate the First Amendment by voicing an opinion anyway, which always portrays POC (and women) in a negative manner.  And even when they expose themselves to be unequivocally stupid, a sick heil blogger is still confident enough in their whiteness that they are superior and therefore infallible.  The last link is a classic example.  The sick heil blogger calls another blogger a "black racist" when she recalls American history of genocide, exploitation, and oppression.  He then re-describes the atrocious behavior as simply a "talent" which was absent in Africa.

Sick heil bloggers also have a tendency to masturbate to their own reflections...just FYI.

**update** sick heil bloggers, having been diagnosed with draptoresponsia, are now referred to as "draptos".  See the case files for more information.

White Sociopathic Alter-Ego

If the WSAE were a drink, it would be served as delusional racism with a spash of cowardice on the rocks.  This is when white people half-heartedly admit to doing stuff/having done stuff as a people..."but".  For some reason, the whites who did damage/have done damage are never anywhere to be found.  And when presented with stats or historical facts, the delusional racist whites you're talking to always switch the subject--like a knee-jerk reflex--to all the good things those whites did, or how they weren't really "bad people" at the core.

Examples: American history celebrates George Washington for reasons I don't need to remind you of.  American history does not, however, simply state the basic horrid truth.  He was a slave-owner who became the first president of a country that wasn't even his.  American history also celebrates Thomas Jefferson, who just so happened to be a slave-owning (and slave-raping) advocate of exterminating Native Americans (meanwhile, John Brown armed blacks and whites and went after slave-owners--for which he was eventually executed--and American history just can resist dropping the word "terrorist" near his name whenever it can).

The cold hard truth which drives many whites to invoke the WSEA is that rest of the world owes the West no thanks for invading their lands, stealing their resources, enslaving their peoples, and killing off the rest.  Whatever "positive" by-products people try to glean from these events are paltry consolations prizes.  Anthropologists have already established that societies--when left alone to flourish in their homelands--continue to grow and develop over time.  Cultures, languages, and social dynamics are allowed to evolve in a manner which allows a people to define themselves and determine their own destiny.  Whenever an outside force steps in to do that for a people, disaster inevitably ensues.

And people do not forgive disaster...just FYI.