Underappreciated Musician of Color #6: Michael Castro

My fascination with his brother was more about looks and less about music.  His brother's singing style, while occasionally charming and endearing, was too light and breezy for me.  But with this amigo right here...his voice has got gravel, y'all, and his body has got...I don't even know what.  I mean, check out Mr. MMA Bad-Ass!  I didn't even know he was into all that but...I loves me an ass-whoopin' man (so long as he ain't whoopin' me).

Anyhoo, fellow middle child (which explains a lot, by the way) Michael Castro has been axed from Idol twice now (the second time for doing this...which simply tells us that show really isn't for peeps like Michael).  Meanwhile, I'm listening to his vocals and lyrics (yes, I do realize some of those are covers; I'm not giving him credit for those) and he's obviously an awesome performer (the looks don't hurt)...and I didn't realize he could play guitar and piano like that!  Music really does run in that family! His debut album drops soon, and I hope it does decently; it would be nice to have him stick around in the public eye for a while.  'Cause honestly...how often do we get an MMA fighter turned singer-songwriter who looks like this?

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