Underappreciated Musician of Color #5: Anoop Desai

Yes.  I said.  It needed to be said.

And in case you're blinking at your screen in wonder and asking yourself why Anoop (or Noop Dogg, whatever your preference)...allow me to refresh your memory.

Get me now?

First of all, Indian men are fine.  We have the friggin' Kama Sutra because of Indian men (leave the sound on; fan was smart enough to use Sade; and by the way, that lusciously dark jaw-dropping actor I know you're drooling over is Ramon Tikaram).  It really shouldn't have taken this long for fine-ass Indian men to come to American's attention.  They've always been fine.  They never stopped being fine--feel me?

So...let's correct this egregious neglect and support Anoop's upcoming debut album.  Demand that he gets a tour.  See His Delectableness in concert if you can.  Hear that smooth, silky soulful voice and then make some babies to it, okay?  Could you do that for me real quick?

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  1. I should of known you were already down with Anoop.


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