Underappreciated Musician of Color #4: Ramiele Malubay

Yes, I know...yet another resplendent songbird.  Anyhoo, I was rooting for this gal during season 7, despite my unhealthy attraction to a certain dreadlocked Latino with stunning eyes who shall remain utterly smoldering.

But I digress.  Multilingual Miss Thang here is an Official Spokespygmy for our very proud tribe (thank you very much).  At four foot eleven she is a very curvy Filipina with a glorious voice, a luminously gorgeous face, an excellent wardrobe and awesome hair (we pygmy folk take these things very seriously, you know; I myself buy jeans for short gals and still have to have them bitches altered).  I love her personality and her presence.  That she was kicked off in the ninth spot was bullshit.  Had she stood toe to toe in the end with David Archuleta himself and then gotten knocked down, I might've understood, but even then....

One of the things I really dig about Ramiele besides her voice is how in touch she is with her origins, and how she has backup plans in case the singing thing doesn't play out (though it better; her voice is fab and I'd love to see her in concert).  She hoped to be the first Asian Idol (no pressure for a certain other possible candidate this season), speaks Tagalog and Ilocano fluently, and derives much inspiration from Filipino singers as well as American.

She's young and dedicated, y'all.  There's plenty of time for us to do right by her...but we better start now.

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  1. @Ankhesen:

    Ramiele Malubay deserved to have placed higher than ninth place. I swear, American Idol is fixed!

    If you like her than I'm sure you'll LOVE Charice Pempengco aka Charice. While Ramiele is wonderful in her own right, and she is, Charice is amazing with a beautiful, soulful voice. Not only does she sing like an angel, but she can rap, too. Check her out on youtube and I promise you won't be disappointed.

    Btw, please check out Legaci. They're Filipino-Americans who sing acapella and just about everything else. They're also back-up singers for that young crappy singer upstart, Justin Bieber. They deserve more recognition than this guy.

    People don't see/hear it enough, but yes, Asians can sing! Props to you, Ankhesen for this post! :)


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