Underappreciated Female Soldiers of Color

A few years ago, I went to see the comedienne Mo'nique perform live.  A historically black college had brought her to town, and so all their pageant winners were up front in gowns and tiaras.  Mo'nique asked each girl her name, her major, and her career goals.  One young black woman answered she was going into the military.  Mo'nique commended her bravery, but also stated clearly, "Never fight for a country that would never fight for you."

America often blames its populations of color for all its social and economic problems, especially its black population.  The negative parts of our lives are overly exposed and hyped (as though the negative aspects are our only aspects), our abilities and contributions are routinely ignored, our cultural heritages are--essentially--violated and our daily experiences of discrimination and exploitation are triviliazed, derailed, and ultimately dismissed.  When we try to speak out against injustices on our own behalf, we're told we're "creating the problem"...which again conveniently ignores preexisting problems, both in communities of color, and communities that are white.  No...seriously.

It's my personal belief that all minorities in America should refrain from serving in the military until social conditions in America change.  If you can't get married, can't get paid equally, can't drive a decent car without getting pulled over, and spend every day having your identity assaulted, redefined, and belittled, then your ass shouldn't be dying for anyone (Oh and uh...all you white gals and broke white folks descended from generation and after generation of broke white folks?  Feel free to sit out on any wars as well.  You don't owe your more privileged white brethren a goddamn thing).  America has got to stop denying different populations equal rights and benefits, while expecting the denied populations to remain at its beck and call--fuck that.  After all, it was not our hubris which opened this nation up to attack, so I don't see why our young, our beautiful, and our gifted should have to die for it.

Like the Viet Cong from not too long ago, the Arabs ain't the ones calling us "nigger".


  1. This is such an excellent post. I completely agree with your points. I hadn't even looked at it like that, but yeah - blacks, other PoC, gays, those on the poverty line haven't been given anything in return for their contributions to this country. Time to stop rewarding poor behavior.

    Also, thank you so much for your response to Capt. Howdy. Your comment was long and laid out perfectly so I know it took some time to write it up. It's nice to know my observations aren't completely off the wall too. :)


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