Underappreciated Actress of Color #22: Sarita Choudhury

Talking about Anoop and Ramon reminds me--why haven't we seen more of Sarita in Hollywood?  After playing a Latina sidekick (no, she's not Hispanic...pay attention now), her work in Hollywood didn't--but should have--skyrocket.

I mean, damn...look at those eyes.

I first glimpsed my lady here when she wonderfully portrayed a spoiled princess who becomes a maligned queen.  She was gorgeous every second of it.

British-born Miss Thang here is obviously quite talented, shifting easily from accent to accent and role to role without batting a beautiful eye.  Hollywould should have put her in way more films, and at the tender age of fortysomething, Hollywood still should.


  1. I love Sarita Choudhury!
    Her performances were steller in both Missisipi Masala and Kama Sutra. Other than Sarita (and of course Denzel...), I enjoyed Missisipi Masala because it actually had a South Asian, Hindu woman in a relationship with a BLACK man. Usually when IRs are explored in Indian filmmakers' movies, they involve a South Asian and a white person.

  2. I'm grateful for this as well. Didn't hurt that it was Denzel, either.


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