Underappreciated Actress of Color #20: Sanaa Lathan

I adore Sanaa (eyes upward, children); I believe my first memorable exposure to her was Blade.  However, I fell in love with her when she landed that kick-ass role in Alien vs. Predator, and if you are not a fan of that film, screw you then this is not a post for you, and I wish you well in all your travels throughout the blogosphere.

I particularly enjoyed her characterization on Nip/Tuck, of all shows--and as the fiancee of Christian Troy--of all people!  She was shown as smart, and strong, and resourceful, and beautiful, and vulnerable.  Talk about a fleshed out character!

But alas, it was Christian Troy they hooked her up with, so...couldn't have her around for too long....

Anyhoo...Sanaa rocks!  Though I still think Hollywood could do better by her, I remain forever in awe.


  1. To see her @ the head of the Alien/Predator franchise made me happy as hell. I'm a fan of both Sci-Fi films and a Black Woman kickin' butt and being annoited by a "Predator." Yes, please.

  2. Lenoxave, girl...you and me both.


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