Underappreciated Actress of Color #19: Golden Brooks

I LOVE her.  She was my primary reason for watching Girlfriends.  She's the reason me and my girl rented and watched Motives with Vivica Fox (hint, hint).

In fact, Motives is the main reason I'm writing this piece.  Golden Brooks went from being the funny, witty, cheerful Maya on Girlfriends to a calculating con-artist playing the role of sexy psycho to Make.  That.  Mo-nay.  Talk about serious career woman, y'all!

That and I just think she's gorgeous.  I fell in love with her face immediately.  But...alas...like the preceding goddess, Miss Thang here is 39 and yet her film list is severely lacking (though congrats to her and her castmates on their not so few accomplishments with Girlfriends).

Hollywood blows. *sigh*

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  1. I agree Mie. I loved Golden Brooks too. She was my primary reason for watching also favorite one hand's down!! thanks.


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