Underappreciated Actress of Color #18: Nia Long

Here's a word to consider: shapely.

I grew up watching Nia Long.  I loved her on sight.  I love her now, at the tender age of 39, when she is looking as fine as ever.  And yes...Nitara "Nia" Long is 39, which means she's been working in Hollywood for a while.

From Boyz in the Hood to Friday and Love Jones, The Best Man...even freakin' Alfie...I've loved and been a fan of this woman.  She's one of those I'm willing to watch anything for.  She's had a fairly decent career for a woman of color, but that's just it.  Hollywood could do sooooo much better by this woman!

Besides, it ain't like people don't think this woman is fine, or anything.  Ain't like they're not lining up to see some of that.


  1. I adore Nia Long! I'll see a movie without knowing anything about it other than the fact that she's in it.

  2. I totally understand.


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