Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #5: James Kyson Lee

I know, right?!!?? *giggles like a dumb-ass*

No, let me quit bullshittin'...I didn't know.  There, I said it, okay?  I didn't know.  I didn't know all that was going on under there; I really didn't.  I know I'm supposed to know...if I'm gonna run this feature I'm supposed to know all of these things.  But honestly, y'all...I just knew what you knew.  I knew about Heroes.  I knew about the being 34 and Korean-American.  I knew about the talented, funny, and multiligual thing - I knew about that.  I knew about Akira's Hip-Hop Shop, and the blazin' Blasian love scene - I'd heard naughty rumors and breathless whispers about all of that.

But about this?  This shit right here?  This shit right here?  Somebody should've told me!

You know what?  Never mind that - it's my fault.  I shouId've known.  I should have known Mr. James Kyson Lee (born Jae Hyuk Lee, by the way) was keeping a secret from us.  I think he's a naughty, naughty, naughty man for not telling us what he had going on.  *shakes head*  Like, how am I supposed to do my job when he doesn't level with me?  Seriously, people...help a pygmy out!

And yes, kids, the legend is true: you can do a 7-day rental of Akira's Hip-Hop Shop for $1.99 on Amazon, where you will see Mr. Man here handle some business.  It's not explicit in a skanky way, but it is steamy as hell.  'Cause when he starts kissing on Miss Emayatzy Corinealdi, and slipping out of his clothes to pin her down on his bed with this body... daaaayyyyyummmm!!!  Daaaayyyyyyummm!!!!

*temporarily loses wits*

(Can you tell I'm rewinding and watching it again and again right now like a freak?)

Anyhoo, I'm glad he's got the Heroes gig going, and all...but Heroes doesn't have the best history with Moi concerning its treatment of certain characters...but maybe that's just me (by the way, I like this picture to the right, but I don't see why chica can't show her face.  She's not window-dressing people; it ain't cool to treat a person like a prop.  James should be spanked for going along with that!).

James stays busy, but it's not box office-busy and that bugs me.  If this model/actor/bastketball-player is so comfortable showin' skin - and the skin is fine - then we need to see it on the big screen pressing up against somebody else's.

Holla if you hear me.


  1. Uh, holy shit! I had no idea he was ripped!! I'm pissed at Heroes for never giving me a shirtless Ando before I quit watching!

  2. Right???? I only started watching Heroes again after Quinto represented as Spock. Sylar's all I got 'til the next Trek comes out. *sniff*

  3. And see!!! Comments are working!

  4. Yeah, ZQ ain't enough to make me watch Heroes again, lol! And yes comments are working XD

  5. I knew he was cute, but I didn't know about those washboard abs. Thanks for the heads up about Akira's Hip-Hop Shop too.

  6. You may want to brace yourself!

  7. oh god! I had never paid attention to him on Heroes! AND HE WAS THE HOTTEST ONE.

    P.S.: Heroes kind of sucks (specially after the first season), so he needs a better job - my opinion.

  8. LOL - I didn't expect this post to get this much attention--but I'm glad it! My, my...look at all the horny people!

    Yes, James is an underappreciated actor and yes...he deserves waaaaay better than his role on Heroes.

  9. I literally stopped scrolling and did a fish-eyed, open-mouthed, Keanu-Reeves-style, "Whoa."

    I always thought Ando was hot, but DAMN. I had no idea.

  10. He's a peach. And beautifully mannered. Can't even gush enough.

  11. By all means - gush away!

  12. Where have these photos been all my life?

  13. Where have these photos been all my life?



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