Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #1: Nathaniel Arcand

~Special Inaugural Post~

I originally started my "Underappreciated" feature with the focus on women.  Hollywood ain't run by women, in case you haven't noticed, and between the two genders, I feel we need more discussion.

However...I also feel I should point out that leading men in Hollywood tend to either be hunks of chocolatey goodness or, as we are seeing more frequently, the ruggedly vanilla, as opposed to prior incarnations.  Now, I'm not sayin' women should run out right now and sign up for a world with neither chocolate nor vanilla - *snort* - fuck that.  You might as well trigger Armageddon.

However, variety is the spice of life, and we need some caramel, okay?  We need some cinnamon and some dark golden vanilla, aight?

So I'm kicking off this new running feature with the mind-numblingly sexy Nathaniel Arcand, 'cause, like...damn. *slowly gathers what's left of wits*

This Canadian-born actor is Nehiyaw; I first saw him in Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (watch on mute; it's got good video but it's set to fan music), and I will admit he's fairly stayed busy since then (Canadians aren't stupid).  However, Hollywood hasn't gotten hip to this delicious 39-year-old, and for that, androphiles everywhere need to revolt.


  1. ooooooh, CHILE! thank you for introducing me to this delicious hunk of manhood!

    i love, love, love this series about under-appreciated actors of color. one of my favorite games (as a biracial), is to spot all of the other "undercover biracials" in the entertainment industry.

    and, i have NO interest in the Winter Olympics, except where Apollo Ohno is concerned! yummy....

  2. LOL, girl - Why am I not surprised?

    I can shamelessly admit drooled like a moron the first time I saw him. 'Cause when he gets all shirtless and sweaty in the Ginger Snaps Back movie...mmmm! Like, Lawd Have Some Mercy, okay?!?!??


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