Gay Marriage in South Africa

While only the South African Civil Union Act applies to same-sex couples, should the couple themselves choose to call their union a marriage partnership, then they can enjoy all the same rights and perks of a heterosexual married couple.  Some of you, of course, already know this; it's been legal for years.

And very quickly: yes, I am proud of my continent for this.  Yes, I am deeply amused that a nation on the supposedly most "backward" continent on earth supports gay marriage while the great USA continues to drag its heels on the issue.  I was just as amused when another nation on the same "backward" continent put a female president in office...also before the great USA.

But my point?  How gay marriage works in South Africa is quite fascinating.  Notice that the couple chooses how they define their actual relationship--no one does it for them; no one dictates it to them.  Secondly, a civil union marriage officer who objects to performing a same sex marriage has two options: they can either perform the marriage, or they can cease to be a civil union marriage officer--personal beliefs be damned.

And that, kids, is how the professional aspect of a society should function.  That's how you effectively protect civil rights.  I mentioned on an SWPD post on "white guilt" accusers that the core problem with racism in America's professional aspect are how service and product providers let their bias run their businesses.  Talk about the preservation of racism.  Not to mention...ever wonder how little variables like these impact an economy?


  1. This is awesome. In Brazil we can do the legal partnership only, and, if we want, "marry" in a church - very few churches, of course, accept that.
    Although I guess someday we will prevail.
    Congratulations to South Africa.

  2. Brazil still seems ahead of the US which, I'm noticing, is an increasingly common trend. And yes, you will prevail, and congrats to you for prevailing this long.


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