Underappreciated Musician of Color #1: Fallon Bowman

~ Special Inaugural Post ~

Okay...I know she's not an actress but you've got to understand; Fallon Bowman was like a role model to me in high school.  I had the brown skin, loved the Goth...was an island, y'all!  I don't care if Kittie's music wasn't all that great.  There was a brown girl playing guitar and growling into the mic and that was all I needed, hear?

The South African-born, Indonesian-blooded, Canada-based guitarist has since branched out and done her own thing, which is wonderful.  And while her style of music may not be your cup of tea, all my underrepresented brown girls who skateboard, have been wearing dark nail polish since before it got popular (you know, back when everyone called us "freaks"?), pimp the evil black clothing, and listen to "questionable" music will understand.  And no, I'm not showing favoritism by posting two pix instead of one

Fallon 4-eva!


  1. She's such a talent! And HOT n' FOXEY to boot!

  2. @ Anonymous

    Indeed! Leave a name, please.


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