Underappreciated Musician of Color #3: Masia One

I know, I know; it's becoming an addiction...but I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!

Born in Singapore and raised in Canada, the illustrious Masia One is creative, daring, sultry, and gorgeous, but I'm not liking how she comes out with one bad-ass album after the other, goes on world tours, and just gets "mentioned" every now and again.  You ask me, if anyone should be getting to live the hip-hop rags-to-riches dream, it's women like Masia One.  Miss Thang here has earned her rims, hear me?

So anyhoo, hit her up and show her some love.  This woman more than deserves it.


  1. I'm a BIG hiphop fan so I listened to her song "Return of the B - girl" and she can rap like WOAH. I decided to buy her songs off Amazon. Thanks for the intro!

    just fyi: I'm Sonic, a reader on SWPD and I found your blog through the comments there. :-)

  2. You are very welcome!

  3. I found out about around 2010 too. I loved her song Return of B-girl and the remix version. I'm not a fan of her other songs too, except the one where she speaks an Asian language. She's a good rapper, I hope she still releases stuff.


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