Underappreciated Musician of Color #2: Skye Edwards

I know, I know--another musician...but are any of you familiar with Morcheeba?  Sexy, sultry songtress Skye Edwards was their original singer.  I first fell for her silky, hypnotic voice while watching a TV episode where "Never an Easy Way" was featured (interesting video, no?)

Skye is doing okay-ish.  With her voice, skill and resume, she should be doing much better than having just under 2,000 fans on Facebook and 194 followers on Twitter.  And I can't help but notice she has to remind people she sang in Morcheeba for almost a decade.  If you ask me, folks, no one should have to be "reminded" about that voice.

And look how fine she is, guys.  Look at that skin and fabulous hairdo.  Look at that face.

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