Underappreciated Actress of Color #13: Meagan Good

As you may have with Gabrielle Union (with whom she actually did a movie), you're probably wondering why our Lucky #13 is on my list.  That's an indication of not paying attention.  Meagan Good has been working steadily in Hollywood since childhood, and Hollywood has not been grateful whatsoever.  There are films I would have gladly gone to see simply because a beautiful young actress of color was in it, but then the trailer, with its transparent plot, atrocious dialogue, and overly made-up cast (of which the AoC was not the leading lady) sent me fleeing for the hills.

Meagan is a hard worker, willing to take roles and jobs in whatever form they may come.  She is fine, but that goes without saying (notice that she outranks even Gabrielle).  Not only is she fine, but she has substance, standards, and principles, which apparently is a huge fantasy killer to people who'd prefer her to just shut up and be pretty (yeah see, if you read the comments below you can see why men sometimes aren't the greatest allies for women--especially WoC--trying to be taken seriously in Hollywood).

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