Underappreciated Actress of Color #5: Gabrielle Union

You're probably thinking, "But I know her!"  Well, yes.  And you're also probably thinking, "She's been in everything!"  Well, sort of.  So why she's in my running feature?

Gabrielle's been around a while but even she will tell you it doesn't mean much, especially if you're of color and especially if you're a black actress.  You're probably thinking, "She mostly plays the same characters...where's her range?"  Can't show it if you're not asked to, dears, and she has most certainly not been asked to.

Doesn't matter that she's open-minded when choosing roles.  Or that her being paired with a certain bit of Asian hotness no doubt helps draw extra interest to a certain TV show.  Doesn't matter how fine she is, either (isn't that ridiculous?).  So as usual, I ask, "What's a woman of color to do in Hollywood?"


  1. Shina the Lil Sis8/24/11, 6:37 PM

    no comments??? that's bullshit! she's gorgeous!!!

  2. Little One, this is an ancient post, from back before I had any followers.

  3. That won't do...I'm gonna try to bring some people here.


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