Underappreciated Actress of Color #4: Dania Ramirez

This Dominican actress has been an X-Men villain and a Slayer; she's had a recurring role on the highly popular Heroes, she's worked with Spike Lee, and she's been on The Sopranos.  That's one hell of a resume.  You'd think she'd be doing all right, especially as fine as she is.  But where's the buzz?  Why no hooplah?  What does it say when you've had recurring roles on friggin' Heroes and Sopranos, but there's still no hooplah?

She's gorgeous.  And she can speak more than one language (and don't feed me the whole "accent works against her" nonsense.  She sounds fabulous, and has a gorgeous voice).  She too has a range, capable of grief, passion, sass, and perfect seriousness.  What more does she have to do, guys?

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  1. Just realized she's Maya from Heroes. Pretty cool.


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