Underappreciated Actress of Color #2: Michelle Krusiec

Oh, that's right.  I said it!!!  This chica is a bad-ass.  I love her.  She's shown range and a willingness to play roles where's she's not just some dithering pretty girl.  Of course, I--like many others--first fell for her when she played a closeted lesbian in Alice-my-Goddess-Wu's film Saving Face.

Now, when I saw what the writers did with in that unspeakable abomination What Happens in Vegas, my stomach honestly threatened to eat itself.  And since two women of color "fighting" over a white guy was definitely not written for our benefit, I'm not even going to mention that film she did with Michelle Yeoh.

I don't get it.  The woman is skilled.  She's driven, and willing.  I watched an interview on the Saving Face DVD in which talked about the role was like a Godsend because as an Asian actress in America (or basically, actress of color), you have to "wade through grime to get to the gold."  Uh...why?  Why does this one have to wade through anything?  Excuse me, but like the preceding Mademoiselle Harris, Krusiec (pronounced Kruzik) strikes me as one of those people a casting director simply says yes to once she reads that first line.  Feel me?

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