Underappreciated Actress of Color #16: Karina Lombard

Like many of ladies on here, Tahiti-born, Lakota Sioux-blooded Karina Lombard is doing okay; however, she deserves a little better, especially since her early life was kinda harsh.

A sexy, sensual, singing, multilingual goddess, Karina strikes me as the kind of woman who should most definitely be dominating the film industry.  Her taste in roles is open-minded, so her acting career so far has been quite diverse.  She's definitely got a following, which she probably earned mostly from her work on The L Word, so it's safe to she's in demand.

At the age of 41, she simply looks like a twenty-something-year-old with depth.  Put her in a film with a semi-original plot and halfway decent dialogue and I'm sure she'd instantly turn it into a success.

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  1. Loved her in "Wide Sargasso Sea", amazing film so horribly underrated and PERFECT role for her. She murdered it.


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