Underappreciated Actress of Color #14: Q'Orianka Kilcher

So not only does Hollywood tend to underappreciate its actresses of color, but sometimes sees fit to violate them as well (were her parents that desperate for her to have a film career?  And what was he thinking when he was asked to do love scenes with a 14-year-old?  Did he object at all or was he even grossed out?).  *Shudder*  Anyhoo, like any age-old cliche, the gods forbid an actress of indigenous American descent really grasp people's attention if she plays anything other than some stereotypical role.

Surveys says?  FAIL.

At 14, Q'Orianka showed depth, great emotion, ambition and potential (she was, after all, willing to roll around in the sack on camera...with that).  But half a decade after the-creepfest-that-shall-not-be-named, Hollywood still hasn't really tried to do much for Miss Thang here and that seriously offends me.  Look at that face, people.  Look at the grace and untapped ability.  This girl is a gold mine, especially if America wants to start doing films featuring Native American characters.

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