Underappreciated Actress of Color #1: Naomie Harris

~ Special Inaugural Post ~

You know, when an author sits down and writes a story, they often wonder, "What if it's made into a film?"  Who's going to play to so-and-so?  Would they do it justice?"

My female characters are usually of color and though I doubt anything of mine will ever be made into a film...I still wonder.  And when I wonder, I look up actresses of color.  And when I look them up, all I can think is, "God...she is so underappreciated."

So I'm kicking this running feature off with dark English dame Naomie Harris.  Yes, she's had roles, and has something of a following.  Yes, she's played a sea goddess and yes, she got to (chastely) kiss Cillian Murphy (*delightful shiver*).  Sure, she acted opposite an undeniably beautiful Korean pop star in Ninja Assassin, but still...I think the film industry could do better by this woman.  I mean...look at that face.  Not only is she fine, but she's shown quite a decent acting range and an interest in atypical films.  So what's the problem?


  1. Did you see her in the movie adaptation of White Teeth on PBS Masterpiece a few years back?

  2. No...may have to look into that. Does she have a significant role?

  3. *sarcasm* She's too dark! Whites AND blacks will be offended by seeing her onscreen.


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