Underappreciated Actress of Color #10: Danielle Nicolet

First of all--hello. The woman.is.fine. Once again, I first noticed her while she was playing the vampiress Tamika in the fifth season episode "Harm's Way" of Joss Whedon's Angel. Her role was perfect, her lines hilarious, her overall performance entertaining, especially in that flawless fight scene. So again...range. Ability. Willingness. Why hasn't she been a leading lady in several big budget films by now?

Uh...WTF?  The woman is--as of right now--34 years of age and yet her Wikipedia bio mostly reads "guest role here" and "small role there"--WTF?!??  And if you go to her IMDB page, you can see she's been trying.  She's been acting since 1990...and this is all Hollywood has to show for it.

Thank God the woman has a following.  It's the least we can do.

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