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Why Non-Black American POC Can't Get Their Own #BlackPanther

Dear Y'all:

In typical fashion, the staggering success of Black Panther has some non-Black people in their feelings, especially non-Black people of color.  You see them on Twitter; after countless White-as-hell movies (not just from Marvel), they waited until Black Panther came out before asking when they're gonna get their representation.

And I'll be perfectly honest: Never.

Reason #1 - Black Panther is a byproduct of Black anger.

Like it or not, agree with it or not, but Black movies in general get made because Black people are "loud", "angry", and "pushy".  Hey...angry get shits done.

The squeakiest wheel gets the oil, not the passive aggressive wheels on Twitter, Facebook, and wherever else it's safe to express your displeasure without actually setting things in motion, or running the risk of facing any negative consequences.

Black people voice our displeasure loud and clear wherever, whenever.  We deliberately make nuisances of oursel…

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